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The Mr Pinku Game : LPV

23 December 18

If you like comedy, bang-out and Vikings then you must definitely play with this bang-out flash game. Inside you will see some black comedy, in addition to bang-out. So let us begin playingwith. Look at the game display. In addition, I advise you to read the directions. Then the game embarks. You find a few Vikings. But they're still young. Kids. They tend to play pranks and a bit of debauchery. For instance, they determined to sneak a few barrels of wine in the Temple. Angry monk moves in pursuit of the burglars. They want someplace to hide. Among these thieves is hiding beneath the mini-skirt of a nun. Certainly he begins slurping her pink cunt... and that is only the start of the narrative. If you want to know what - then begin playing right now.

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